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Yoga  has  been  practiced  for thousands of years and can play an integral  part before , during and after a  woman’s  pregnancy. Generally speaking, women that practice yoga during their pregnancy appear healthier and more balanced in both mind and body.
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Pregnancy can significantly affect your overall daily functioning. A woman’s body goes through incredible physical and hormonal changes before and after delivery. For years, discomfort associated with pregnancy has been accepted as a normal part of the process.

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The  mantras  are  special  composed chants to bring about patterns of resonant waves  to  achieve the desired result. They are the part of abroad science called tantra  shatsra. 
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Being  pregnant  may  bring  a  lot  of changes to your daily life. One of the most common and major changes are dietary habit changes. Even if you had a healthy diet prior to becoming pregnant, you may begin to look at what you eat and how you eat different now that you're expecting. Here are some tips to ensuring your diet is what it needs to be during pregnancy.

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Diet &Nutrition


The  healing  power  of  aromatherapy  is  extremely  helpful  during  pregnancy. Aromatherapy  oils  can  help to lessen the niggly, uncomfortable problems, such as nausea  (morning sickness), swollen hands and feet, general aches and pains and fatigue. 
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Pregnancy  is a  time  of  changes  in the hormonal profile of the body that may contribute to changes in the skin. Since skin is the outermost layer of the body, even  a slight change from the normal is evident. Pregnancy is also a time when special care should be taken to keep the skin healthy and glowing.

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Cosmetic counseling


Congratulations!! Your partner is pregnant! As her belly gets bigger, she becomes more involved in that little being she is carrying. She reads the books, she makes the plans, she shops, and she nests. She seems to know exactly what is happening, and what she needs to do.
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Regular exercise after childbirth offers a range of health benefits. For example, exercise helps you return to your pre-pregnancy shape and gives you increased energy to cope with the demands of new motherhood.

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Postnatal exercises


Birth is as ancient as life itself and as natural a process as breathing. Then, isn't it time women stopped depending on technology and trusted their bodies more?
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